A Brief History of WAYS

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In 2004, with the help of TWAS, ISESCO and the Moroccan Ministry of National Education, UNESCO gathered about a hundred and twenty young scientists in Marrakech representing about ninety countries. This conference resulted in the launch of the World Academy of Young Scientists (WAYS), an initiative aimed to empower young scientists worldwide, promote scientific excellence and collaborative practices. Since then, the development of WAYS has been continued informally by a growing team of active, dedicated volunteers working together to build the network.

In 2005, WAYS began focusing more of its efforts onto the web. Steps were taking to transform WAYS from a completely physical network into a virtual social network where much of the organization and mobilization could take place online. The use of wikis, mailing lists, and group blogs grew steadily as the scientists became more comfortable with these tools, and trained each other in a peer-to-peer fashion. Despite the current technology-heavy focus of WAYS, we are also very involved in building relationships and connections through face-to-face meetings, whether formal or informal.