How to improve Tasks

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1. create a page for partners accessible via the front page
2. update the banners on the front page

3. activate the box on the front page

4. use WYSIWYG to create content

5. entries in the job section should be presented by titles and not by full entry

6. the box "Recent comments" on the first page should be removed

7. points should be given for book page creation and editing

8. add the sentence:
"We are still in beta! Help us make the site better and report bugs." on pages

 You have an idea to improve (organization, design, features, project...)?
please share it with us here:

or even better a link to a forum section dedicated to WAYS development.

You are familiar with Drupal and want to be involved?

contact us at :

This list neeeds to be updated and I would like to add:
0. create a WAYS forum