Announcing the WAYS- TSSI Workshop Series

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WAYS in partnership with The Scholar Ship Research Institute is announcing a workshop cycle aiming at developing a scientifically literate and empowered world community of young scientists.

Science offers practical solutions to many different problems that the world faces. Creating adapted solutions requires a combination of an up to date knowledge of what is feasible and a sound understanding of corresponding constraints and opportunities. Knowledge is now evolving so quickly that a crucial component of the training of young scientists is to learn how to access, filter and control information. Information technologies are in fact a powerful tool to promote training and capacity building.

In addition, the career development of young scientists has been significantly neglected, and this needs to be supported in a manner that is sensitive to local opportunities and constraints.

In response to these needs, scientific workshops will be organized to promote the capacity building of young scientists to conduct research and to commercialise the results of that research for the public good, particularly in developing and transitional economies.

The first such workshop will be held in Cape Town in February 2008. The model used to develop and hold this workshop will be replicated and scaled up in the future to offer additional regional workshops across the world in a manner which emphasises local involvement, invites local ownership and meets specific local needs.

The workshop content is science and technology based but will also address career issues.

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Good stuff. I spoke briefly

Good stuff. I spoke briefly last month with Ravinder about capacity building. I think that he is probably in contact with you on this, as I see this message on your blog. I think that this has a lot of power from the point of career development.

Hope all is well. I am watching things from a distance over here. I also came across an interesting discussion on science careers about extending the 'postdoc' to 7 years, which effectively would deny employment status for that long, leaving everyone high and dry (and potentially even less employable) after a dead-end postdoc.


wilber, this is really

this is really interesting. i request organisers to provide information on how to attain such an oppotunity.


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I.C.Ndefo This is indeed a

This is indeed a great idea and I would like to know the modalities for participation and the specific isuues to be addressed by the workshop(Programme content)in the Cape Town event .


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Great idea indeed. I learnt

Great idea indeed. I learnt about this workshop while attending a workshop "Mentoring young scientists for innovative application of research and development in Africa" organised by the african academy of sciences AAS held in nairobi this December. I have applied to participate and am looking forward!!!!!!!!

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I will request o

I will request o organizers that howi can attend such nice seminar while i am currently joined this organization , therefore please kindly make some suitable initiatives for smoothly attendance .