Online tools for writing, research, teaching and document storage

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Here are some online tools which may be of interest to you for writing, research, teaching and document storage. This is a summary that was retrieved from Rachel Singer Gordon "Publish don't perish" and
Online document storage and retrieval allows you to create, access, and edit documents from any location with internet access, and these tools include the ability to roll documents back to previous versions. This means you don't need to carry around your flash drive.
This online tool offers a range of options for organizing one's thoughts, notes, and research.
Jotcloud is searchable, giving you a place to jot down and easily retrieve article ideas, notes, citations, contacts, or any other information.
MynoteIT offers to-do lists, note-taking, a calendar, collaboration tools for groups, and ways to organize student-specific information like assignments, grades, and teachers' contact information.
To organize bookmarks or groups of Internet sites.
When researching an article or other work, use to collect online resources on your topic and assign the same tag, or keyword, to every site you want to refer to while writing. You can then use these tags to easily retrieve the entire group of references, and can share them with coauthors by making your bookmarks public or by creating a joint account for use on a particular project.
Offers a similar service as but more heavy-duty service that is targeted toward academics and researchers, allowing them to "share, store, and organise the academic papers they are reading." CiteULike automatically extracts citation details from online papers in a given list of archives and databases (and allows users to type manual citations for any site), allowing users to export their "libraries" to BibTex or EndNote in order to build bibliographies.
Targeted to "scientists and clinicians," works in a similar fashion, automatically building citations when possible from sources like PubMed. It lets users share their references with everyone, keep them private, or share them with selected others, and its import/export feature allows users to easily move references between Connotea and desktop reference managers.
An "online research management, writing and collaboration tool" that enables researchers to store and organize information and generate citations and bibliographies.
Mind mapping/outlining sites allow you to organize your thoughts visually and to see the relationships between various sections, characters, plot elements, or ideas. You can share your sheets, or mind maps, with "friends" in read-only or edit mode; if your friend lacks a account, an e-mail invitation will be sent.



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Thanks JFredericks these

Thanks JFredericks these sites would be of real help to diverse individuals conducting various projects.

KN Ukwaja

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Some rather useful personal

Some rather useful personal organisational tools - I think no matter what your field, good planning is key to success.

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Thanks Joni! Very useful

Thanks Joni!
Very useful initative indeed.

I've created a WAYSwiki entry for these "online organisational tools".
Anyone interested in contributing can add its favorite website to the list at:

Personally I like
This very convenient virtual desktop keep my things organized when I travel.

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Thanks i never knew there

Thanks i never knew there were such things on the internet. I now appreciate the net much more. The sites are very handy.