About WAYS

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Science is a critical resource for building a sustainable future. The nature and complexity of global challenges requires developing a new set of approaches and practices within the scientific community, based on, more than ever, cooperation and multidisciplinarity.

In contrast, most researchers still use rudimentary tools to share documents, exchange information or discuss their favorite project. Many associations do not have a central place to display all of their content, nor have the proper resources or expertise to build the organizational tools required to maintain fast and seamless dialogue with their members and partners. Within the scientific community, collaborative web services are at best restricted to using generic services despite their glaring inadequacy for science practices and privacy issues.

At WAYS, we've created a global social network designed and optimized to meet with the specific needs of researchers where they can promote their work, seek help, share information, look for job opportunities and develop knowledge and relationships.

The platform also serves the needs of science groups or associations by providing a turn-key package including essential functions such as hosting, maintenance, member database management, document archiving etc.

By offering state of the art services and tools designed to ease the daily research and provide career opportunities, the platform is an aggregator of profiles, interests and resources.

WAYS is open to any individual or association that agrees with the WAYS manifesto.

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