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How to Get the High-quality Antibody?

In recent years, an increasing number of scientists prefer to change their traditional methods in conducting biological experiments. And it’s reported that more than 100 researchers from around the world raised a proposal on changing the way of using antibody. Some researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory said they thought an antibody should be defined by its own specific sequences like genes because it will be recombinant in a cell line. Since antibody is important for the medicine world, then its quality may be worthy of massive trails. So how to get the high-quality antibody?
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Common Sense in Laboratory Safety

As is known, in biochemistry laboratories, researchers are always in direct contact with some chemicals that are highly toxic, corrosive and flammables, often using fragile glass and ceramic utensils. In addition, they need to deal with intense and detailed work under the high-temperature electric heating equipment like gas and water. Clearly, there are still some other complex environment issues. Therefore, researchers must attach great importance to laboratory safety.
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Genome Sequencing—Direct Sequencing of PCR Products

Nowadays, the direct sequencing of PCR products has already played a significant role in molecular biology and genomics research. Such sequencing is widely applied to the detection of gene mutation, diagnosis of genetic diseases, and polymorphism research of single nucleotide. Compared with traditional clone sequencing, direct sequencing of PCR products conducts sequencing towards the amplified DNA directly, which eliminates time-consuming cloning procedures and avoids the traditional repetitive operations like extraction of template. In this way, the correct DNA sequence information can be received from a small number of original samples. Direct sequencing of PCR products are equipped with the following advantages: fast, convenient, simple, and stable.

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