Is Transplant for Beard a Success?

If you want to know one word answer of this question then it is “yes.” You are in a position to get back lost hair of your beard with Facial Hair Transplant in Dubai. It is good to know that you are not the only people who have bald patches issue in beard. Many other people experience the same problem and some of them have got rid of it with the mean of a surgery. The success rate is quite high. Whether you have bald patches on your beard or simply no hair on beard, you are able to expect the best results from this kind of hair surgery.


The origin and evolution of viruses and viral bottlenecks during multiplicity of infection

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The origin and evolution of viruses and viral bottlenecks during multiplicity of infection

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Beside the Surgery, Is there any way to Stop Hair loss?

Many times when people hear about hair surgery then they don’t like to consider it at first. They want to know whether they are able to stop hair loss with some other reasons or not. Actually, people think too much about a hair surgery and usually compare it with organ surgeries. It is due to the fact they don’t have insufficient information regarding a hair surgery. So, what is essential for you to know more about both FUT and FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai?

FUE hair transplant

Is it important to take Minoxidil after a Hair Transplant?

Now you are done with a hair surgery and you have a prescription where a specialist advise you that you need to start taking Minoxidil, Propecia, etc. You might wonder whether it is important to take these medicines are not. If this is your concern, then you will get your answer here.

First thing, you need to understand is that these medicines are for your existing natural hair not for those hairs which you get after a Hair Transplant in Dubai. The basic purpose of such medication is to slow down hair loss.


Losing Beard due to Hormonal Problem: Find Solution

 Are you losing beard and moustache hair due to hormonal problem? Are your father and uncle having same problem? What is the solution? So, when you are losing hair due to hormonal or genetic issue then you need to consider a Facial Hair Transplant in Dubai.

Why does A surgeon Suggest BHT?

 BHT known as body hair transplant. This is becoming one of the best cosmetic treatments to deal with baldness. Generally, hairs from back or sides of head are used as donor hair for hair surgery. However, it is also possible that a surgeon suggests you to plan a Body Hair Restoration in Dubai. You might be wondering what the reason behind this suggestion is. If it is the case then you need to get its clear answer below. 

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Chest Hair can be used for Scalp Hair Surgery

 Normally, when a hair surgery is performed then hairs from back or sides of head are used as donor hair for transplantation. However, there are some men who don’t have sufficient hair on these areas. When back and sides of head don’t have sufficient donor hair then an expert hair surgeon suggest Body Hair Transplant in Dubai. In this surgery, hairs from other areas of body are extracted for transplant on scalp. It is also known as body to scalp hair surgery. It is good to know that chest hairs are mostly used for scalp hair surgery. Although leg hair can also be used for the surgery.

Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss

When it comes to decision of selecting a solution of permanent hair loss then a lot of people get confused whether they need a surgical treatment or non-surgical one. It is quite common and almost every person faces the same issue sometime. If you also have stuck in the same room, it is time to open the door for something better by reading a quick comparison of Non surgical treatment and FUE/ FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai.

hair transplant in Dubai

Eyelash Transplantation FAQ

A person who has lost his eyelashes usually have different question regarding eyelash Hair Transplant in Dubai. It is time to check frequently asked questions and their answers.

What is Eyelash Transplant?

3 Common Solutions for Hair Loss Problem

 Hair loss is indeed a big problem which needs immediate attention. When you are facing normal hair loss, it might bother you a lot. But when this loss is permanent, you get panic and search for the possible solutions. Here you can explore details of 3 common solutions for hair loss problem.

hair transplant
Medical Treatment


Know Connection of Appearance and Psychology

 There is a close connection between appearance and psychology. If a person experiences some cosmetic deficits then such deficits leave bad impact on his psychological well-being. For example, if a boy completes head of hair due to androgenetic alopecia then this is going to be a big loss of his life. This loss affects his attitude toward society. He always thinks that other people will notice his baldness and leave negative comments. Sometimes, it happens while other times it doesn’t happen. But he doesn’t like to grow his social circle. The worst case is one when this loss makes him look older than his real age. Boys who lost hair in early 20 and 30 usually face serious kind of psychological problems. How to find a solution? 


Why Hair Loss is a Make or Break Situation for Young Patient?

 Young boys and girls always feel bad when they experience hair loss. The effects of this loss are very long term and affect personal lifestyle and attitude of a person. This condition of loss becomes worse when they consult with a hair physician for planning a surgery and then come to know that they are not good candidate for Hair Transplant in Dubai. When a physician asks them to wait for some years and go with delayed approach of dealing their hair loss, it is time when they feel depressed and emotionally down.