Trojan Bacteria Conquer Sleeping Sickness with Single Domain Antibody

Sleeping sickness caused by trypanosoma brucei can be transmitted to other people or animals through by tsetse flies. According to a new research paper published on the open-access journal Microbial Cell Factories by BioMed Central on February 15, 2012, researchers use a kind of single domain antibodies released by tsetse flies under natural environment to defense against these trypanosomata, which means that this kind of single domain antibodies play a similar role as Trojan horses. They are the first step in making specific single domain antibodies that can kill or stunt the growth of trypanosomata.

Merci @ UNESCO!

Merci @ UNESCO! over 40 #YS gathering at #WSF2015 to make their voices heard on the sustainable 2030 goals!

More than 30.000 academic videos are now availabel on the world lecture project

There are now more than 30.000 academic videos available on

Meetings Organised by GlobalNet21 on WAR AND CLIMATE CHANGE and on TIPP

Join the Webinar on War & Climate Change on October 20th at 7.0pm (GMT) organised with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria. Climate change maybe one of the most important factors in conflict and wars in the future. In fact some have argued that has already begun.

Join our House of Commons meeting on October 14th at 6.30pm (GMT) hosted Geraint Davies MP on TTIP – the agreement between the EU and the US that could adversely affect our public services, our food quality, our privacy and our democracy. And much of it is done in secret.

(wlp)° themed site: Understanding Our Minds & Our Worldview

All of us tend to create a 'worldview' to interpret what is happening around us and we often filter out information that challenges that 'worldview' through what has been called 'cultural cognition.'
On you can find a themed site with a discussion with Dan Kahan from Yale Law School's Cultural Cognition Project. Another video is describing how cultural cognition influences our opinion about climate change. Then you can find a video about the „Cultural History Database Initiative“. Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling explain in the next video: How not to be ignorant about the world and finally you can find a video a about Russian philosophy and world view.

You can find this themed site here:

How to Get the High-quality Antibody?

In recent years, an increasing number of scientists prefer to change their traditional methods in conducting biological experiments. And it’s reported that more than 100 researchers from around the world raised a proposal on changing the way of using antibody. Some researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory said they thought an antibody should be defined by its own specific sequences like genes because it will be recombinant in a cell line. Since antibody is important for the medicine world, then its quality may be worthy of massive trails. So how to get the high-quality antibody?
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Common Sense in Laboratory Safety

As is known, in biochemistry laboratories, researchers are always in direct contact with some chemicals that are highly toxic, corrosive and flammables, often using fragile glass and ceramic utensils. In addition, they need to deal with intense and detailed work under the high-temperature electric heating equipment like gas and water. Clearly, there are still some other complex environment issues. Therefore, researchers must attach great importance to laboratory safety.
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Home away from home is space life movement it talks about life in space,where some scientists(space scientists)went to through spaceship outside our home-Earth to research and for other things.Space travelling is part of what humans don't believe it exist, ''space'' we know is rejoin where stars and planets are situated is part of what our imagination,but many space scientists has done alot to view pictures of the space to look real and believable.

The New Earth

The new earth talks about the future time of the earth.
In time to come the earth will change automatically,nothing on earth will look thesame again everything will change.Living things like plants on earth will a have another way of growing,they will be manufacturing their food without sunlight everytime,plants will be manufacturing their own food with the process of evaposynthesis it simply means that the plants will be using evaporation and the combination of separate parts like chemical elements and substances,because the sun will not be sun thoughly again,the impact of the sun reduce,the sun will be releasing a very light-soft heat on earth.
In future time to come of the new earth the will be a constant rain fall in every seven days,the rotation of the earth will be fast more than as it is now.Plants color will change from green to dull green or light green,evaporazation of drops of water on the earth's cloud wil be too low.Every living things will be growing very well.

UNESCO’s free Open Access Curriculum / Self-Directional Learning for young researchers is online!

UNESCO launched a curriculum with self-directional learning (SDL) modules on Open Access (OA) especially for young and early-career researchers (but also for librarians and senior scientists). The OA modules are free to download and can be found here or via the UNESDOC database and is translated in several languages.

THE SUN The sun is a vast ball of hot glowing gas.

The sun was born as an average-sized star and probably will have a life span of about 10.9 billion years.It is now a yellow G star which is in its middle age.It will slowly expand to form a red giant which may extend up to Earth.Then it will become a white dwarf when its shell drifts away.This marks the beginning of the end of its life as it slowly cools and fades into a cold black dwarf.

Believe Sciences More

The deoxyribonucleic acid molecules forms a double ISU OKOCHE SAMUEL(YGS).
DNA codes for your genetic makeup,there are alots of fact about DNA,that are particularly,interesting,important,or fun.Even though it codes for all the information that makes up an organism,DNA is built using only four blocks,the nucleotides,adenine,guanine,thymine,and cytosine.
Every human being share 99% of their DNA with every other human being.
If you put all the DNA molecules in your body end to end,the DNA would reach from the earth to the sun and back over 600 times(100m times six feet million miles)
A parent and child share 99.5% of thesame DNA.
You have 98% of your DNA in common with a chimpanzee.
If you could type 60 words per minutes,eight hours a day,it could take approximatey 50years to type the human genome.

Genome Sequencing—Direct Sequencing of PCR Products

Nowadays, the direct sequencing of PCR products has already played a significant role in molecular biology and genomics research. Such sequencing is widely applied to the detection of gene mutation, diagnosis of genetic diseases, and polymorphism research of single nucleotide. Compared with traditional clone sequencing, direct sequencing of PCR products conducts sequencing towards the amplified DNA directly, which eliminates time-consuming cloning procedures and avoids the traditional repetitive operations like extraction of template. In this way, the correct DNA sequence information can be received from a small number of original samples. Direct sequencing of PCR products are equipped with the following advantages: fast, convenient, simple, and stable.

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UNESCO seeks speakers on Climate Change COP21

If your are interested to give a speech at a COP21 side event, organised by the UNESCO, entitled, ‘Learning to live with climate change - accelerating climate change - please send your CV to

Talking to cancer cells to kill themselves

Through the study of cell development it is clear that through the process of apoptosis cells that are not fit enough or are considered to be the threat to the organism are directed to commit suicide and thus minimising the threat to the organism.

Apoptosis was initially described by its morphological characteristics, including cell shrinkage, membrane blebbing, chromatin condensation and nuclear fragmentation. The realization that apoptosis is a gene-directed program has had profound implications for our understanding of developmental biology and tissue homeostasis, for it implies that cell numbers can be regulated by factors that influence cell survival as well as those that control proliferation and differentiation. Moreover, the genetic basis for apoptosis implies that cell death, like any other metabolic or developmental program, can be disrupted by mutation