Seeding Lab: “Equipping Science In The Developing World”

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Seeding Labs is a non profit organization that reclaims and refurbishes laboratory equipment from universities, hospitals and biotechnology companies in order to equip talented scientists and clinicians living and working in the developing world.

Seeding Labs was founded in 2002 by graduate students at Harvard Medical School to address this lack of infrastructure. Since then, they have shipped over $300,000 worth of equipment to labs on three continents, with a total budget of under $10,000.

if you are interested by this program -whether because you look for, or because you have scientific equipment in good working order you can contact them here:

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equipment maintenance/infrastructure

Great program... I just hope that we have the maintenance/infrastructure to support the equipment once it is shipped and used. I hope that this program continues to be successful...

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Experience in Amazonia - equipement donation

Few years ago (more then 10 yrs now) I bring 2 Gaz Chromatographs (GC) in Amazonia, for my PhD work but also for the Universidade do Para - Santarem environmental laboratory. It was realy not simple with costums and others administratives constraints. The GC were set for gases analysis, mostly for CH4 and CO2 but also for N2O..but we came back with the N2O detector of the equipement (the most sensitive to humidity and this detector is radioactive). We choose very heavy duty GC...We test similar model in Northern Quebec for more than 5 yrs...And their are still working actually after more than 15 yrs...good stuff.

We formed four students and one professor. Unfortunately after 4 yrs of used by us and by the Large Scale Biosphere Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA) research programm (US and Brazil) this GC were no more used (they are somewhere in the backstore of the lab...). The professor move (and the students also, of course). Lack of maintenance and infrastruture. So I agree with Meredith...great program but...that type of program need human support (funds for..)

We have the same case here in Canada - the Canadian foundation for innovation. CFI give a lot of money for infrastructure and material but nothing for human. Science is more and more linked to sophisticates equipements...Mais la science est faite par les humains. Non!