What you didn't know of Bananas

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Medicinal Uses of Banana

Plantain tree itself is a mine of medicinal properties. Each part of this such as the leaves, inflorescence and the core of the stem enriched with medicinal powers. the underground bulb of a plantain tree (Rhizome, "Vazha Kalla"). green plantain fruit. In our country, we use the leaves of plantain tree for serving food , as plates, especially the rice on special occasions. And we have a concept that, if we take the food from the leaves, it will boost our appetite and taste. Moreover, it is good for our eye sight and enhance the beauty.
The core of the stem is used as curry (dish ) after removing the fibrous part. It is considered to be good for stomach troubles. Besides, we use the the juice of the stem core ideal medicine for diabetes , very good for dissolving the stones in the Kidneys and urinary bladder and for reducing the weight( one glass of the juice should be taken early morning before taking the break- fast for six months continuously).
The inflorescence is also used as a nice dish with meals. It is sliced into very small pieces, and then after adding chilly & other spices with coconut oil, it is very good for the purification of urinary bladder and the removal of the urinary blocks.
In addition to these, we traditionally use banana as a balanced and supplementary diet for babies of 4 to 10 months .The fully matured banana is chosen for this preparation. After peeling the banana,( Nendran & Kunnan)) it is cut into thin ,very fine pieces and dried under the sun, then ground well into fine powder. This powder is thickened by boiling with milk and one pinch of sugar, and fed to the babies. This is a wonderful nutritious diet for easy digestion, and prevents diahorrea and worm trouble in babies.
Generally , all the banana are good for the purification of Blood, good digestion and for developing immunity.