Must Plan a Consultation Session before Surgery

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Whenever you are planning a hair surgery as a treatment option for hair loss then you should plan a consultation session with a hair surgeon. This session is really needed because it helps you clear many things and also get answers of your queries and concerns.

body hair transplant
For example, you can ask your surgeon about number of sessions you need. It is okay to become clear about Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai at first. If you know the cost of your surgery then you will find it easy to manage everything around you. If you need a single session then cost is one time. However, there are many cases when a person requires more than one session to get the best possible results and look after a surgery. You should also inquire about interval of session.

Another important thing to ask from your surgeon is where from he is going to extract your donor hair. These hairs will be used to harvest hair on bald areas of your scalp. Commonly, back and sides of head hair are used as donor. However, it is possible that you don’t have donor hair on scalp and surgeon notices that your scalp hair donor quality is not good. In either case, he might plan a Body Hair Transplant in Dubai.

If you have certain fears or concerns related to side effects of a hair surgery then meeting is really needed. Only an expert is able to answer your surgery related queries in the best manner. However, it is a good habit to do some research as well.

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