Why does A surgeon Suggest BHT?

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 BHT known as body hair transplant. This is becoming one of the best cosmetic treatments to deal with baldness. Generally, hairs from back or sides of head are used as donor hair for hair surgery. However, it is also possible that a surgeon suggests you to plan a Body Hair Restoration in Dubai. You might be wondering what the reason behind this suggestion is. If it is the case then you need to get its clear answer below. 

A surgeon suggests you to plan a body to head hair transplant, especially when you don’t have any donor hair on scalp. This surgery provides required number of donor hair for the scalp hair surgery especially when a person is completely bald. It is also possible that a person has limited donor hair on back and sides of head but expert surgeons still plans for body hair surgery. The reasons are poor quality of donor hair. Normally, an expert examines your donor hair under microscope. If he comes to know that the quality of hair is not great then he never uses them as donor hair. Even if he uses them for transplant, you won’t be able to get successful results. The quality of donor hair should be very high for the ultimate success. 

During Body hair Transplant in Dubai, hair can be extracted from beard, moustache, sideburn and chests. An expert surgeon is able to extract more than 1000 grafts only from chest area. While he can gets more than 500 grafts from other areas. The best thing a person gets from this surgery is not only hair restoration but also no visible scarring. This surgery is perfect solution for those people who have very large bald area or simply very limited donor area. 

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