Is it important to take Minoxidil after a Hair Transplant?

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Now you are done with a hair surgery and you have a prescription where a specialist advise you that you need to start taking Minoxidil, Propecia, etc. You might wonder whether it is important to take these medicines are not. If this is your concern, then you will get your answer here.

First thing, you need to understand is that these medicines are for your existing natural hair not for those hairs which you get after a Hair Transplant in Dubai. The basic purpose of such medication is to slow down hair loss.

body hair transplant

Many physicians ask you to take these medications because they not only stop hair loss but also cause regrowth of lost hair to some extent. It is a kind of combine treatment of hair loss which brings some good results for you.

If you don’t take these medicines after hair surgery then nothing bad will happen to your transplanted hair follicles. However, if you are a patient of androgenetic alopecia then you may experience further hair loss. This loss is not of your transplanted hair but of your natural hair. In such scenario, you might not have adequate donor hair. A hair specialist may have to plan Body Hair Transplant in Dubai. During this surgery, a hair specialist will extract donor hair from other parts of body when there is no quality donor hair on your scalp.

Therefore, if you want to slow down hair loss problem and also have a desire to get the best possible results from a surgery then you should go with this medical treatment. One thing that you need to keep in mind that you have to take these medications for very long time as they have strong withdrawal effect.

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