Can I enjoy Hair Surgery Results for Lifetime?

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 When a hair loss patients plan a hair surgery then he always want to know whether results will last long or not. It is a common question asked by every patient. People are going to bear good amount of Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, so it is okay to ask this question.
 FUE hair transplant

When you lost your hair, you are able to restore them through a surgery. Now the question is how long you will be able to enjoy this benefit. It is indeed hard to say anything with surety. If a person is facing hair loss due to progressive alopecia then it means that he will face hair loss for life time. In such case, his hair transplant results will be the same for long time but he will experience loss due to alopecia. If you want to maintain your hair transplant look and appearance then you need to plan another hair surgery after sometime. The reason is simple; you lost hair from areas where hair surgery is not performed. Androgenetic alopecia doesn’t affect donor hair but it surely leaves bad impact on your natural hair areas. 

There are many young patient of hair loss. A hair physician doesn’t suggest them to plan FUT or FUE hair Transplant in Dubai at early stage of hair loss. He suggests some medicines treatments which helps him to restore some hair and also to stop further hair loss. The main reason of not suggesting a surgery is very simple. As hair loss is progressive, so hair loss pattern will be matured after some years. So, it is good to wait until hair loss pattern is clear and it is easy for a surgeon to plan a hair surgery that can bring the optimal results.

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