Are Transplanted Hair Grow Permanently?

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The people who consider hair transplant as a treatment of baldness often have this question in mind. Whenever you see advertisement of hair transplant clinic in Dubai then it is clearly show in the ads that if a person plans this treatment then he is in a position to get rid of hair loss permanently. Now the question is whether transplanted hair grow permanently or not.
FUE hair transplant

Do you have the same question? If yes, then answer is yes. If a hair surgery is done correctly then you are able to enjoy permanent hair growth.However, there are some associated aspects related to this procedure and you should beware of all these aspects. Let’s find out what these are below.

Usually the donor hair are taken from back of scalp and it is commonly referred as permanent hair zones. But one thing that you need to understand is that all hairs from these zones might not grow permanently.

During FUE hair transplant in Dubai, if a surgeon extracts graft from back and side then he can get maximum 4000 units. However, there are many cases when these units are still less and surgeon has to extract donor hair from other parts of body. When it is the case then there is no guarantee of permanent hair growth of those hairs which are extracted from other body parts.

So, what is really needed at this point is to do some research and find the best hair transplant center. There are many advertisement where a surgeon promise to give you complete head of hair while you don’t have more than 4000 donor hair capacity. Don’t stuck yourself into lies, try to live in reality world.You can surely enjoy permanent hair growth but you need to pick an expert person to accomplish this job for you.

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