Generalised linear models

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Using the machinery of linear regression to predict in
somewhat more general regressions.

This means you are still doing Maximum Likelihood regression,
but outside the setting of homoskedastic gaussian noise and linear response.

Not quite as fancy as generalised additive models,
but if you have to implement such models yourself,
less work. If you are using R this is not you.

To learn:

  1. When we can do this? e.g. Must the response be from an exponential family for really real? Wikipedia mentions the “overdispersed exponential family” which is no such thing.
  2. Does anything funky happen with regularisation?
  3. Whether to merge this in with quasilikelihood.
  4. Fitting variance parameters.

Pieces of the method follow.

Response distribution

TBD. What constraints do we have here

Linear Predictor

Link function

An invertible (monotonic?) function
relating the mean of the linear predictor and
the mean of the response distribution.


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