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This space is devoted to discuss ideas to improve (organization, design, features...)
If you want to propose a modification write it down as a suggestion.
If the idea is gaining momentum it should be broken down to tasks and added to :

Suggestion0: Create a general forum with a unique entry point, the WAYS forum:

Suggestion1: Create a "present your research" section where members could upload their manuscripts, including their thesis either
-to seek for comments to improve it, while still in the making
-to present their results

What would be the best kind of content for that? Book pages? Album? group?
What is the size limit of an entry?

Suggestion2: Create a "My Top Papers" section where members could give the reference of their preferred scientific papers and explain their choice.

Again, what would be the best kind of content for that? Book pages? Album? group?
What is the size limit of an entry?

Suggestion 3: We can use the buddy list feature to automatically provide authentication to members.
if member Y is an authenticated member AND member X is a buddy of member Y THEN member X is an authenticated member
For this to work we would need to remove all the automatic buddies of Steve of course.

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Thanks Gaell, Regarding your

Thanks Gaell,

Regarding your suggestions 1 and 2:

I agree, would be nice to have a separate section for papers and more formal entries than blog posts.

For suggestion 3, I don't think this is desirable because we don't want to give someone more rights just because they are someone's buddy.

Besides, new users are always created as authenticated users now that they are verified and moderated.


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suggestions 1 It is a good

suggestions 1
It is a good idea. I think more appropriate content would be "Publications" or "Rsearch Publications"

suggestions 2

It would be better to give the name of content in suggestion 1. Other than reference, members should also upload soft copies of their top papers.

suggestions 3

Just for authentication of members, it is right way but it is more necessary to prove/judge the authentication of member Y. Is we have any Way????.

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
GC University Lahore

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imagine what will happen in

imagine what will happen in 10 days time if 20 members are discussing 10 suggestions...
we need another way to conduct the forum, I think.
A wiki entry may be more convenient for instance

Steve : would an album with one page per suggestion be a better solution?

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regarding type of

regarding type of contents:
I don't think that we should maintain so many different categories of text content:
album, book page, blog entry story, page and forum topic
they all look alike and it is very confusing.

We should simplify and keep:
-blog that's the personal space of the members: "My WAYS space"
-a tool to publish lengthy entry for research material, would "page" would do?
-collaborative tools to write things together and there I think wiki are the best one

"Second, to grow virally, the project has to be fairly simple to use and contribute to. Projects that are too complicated don't enough attract users and contributors for the simple reason that you can't usually get a quorum of people to take the time to understand and to follow a complex system. " (Thanks Daniel)

essential to keep in mind

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Suggestion 3: authentication

Suggestion 3: authentication of members:

the idea is not to give more rights to someone just because he is a buddy. the idea is to give more rights to a real person that we know is a scientist and is less likely to cheat on the info he is providing.

today we don't have any possibility to check members' data.
I could have my son or a dog registered as long as I use a valid email account

that's not sufficient to "validate" members.
the buddy idea is to make use of the connection we have in the real world to certify accounts by real people.
We won't be able to certify all the real people this way, but still a great many.

it's not a magic bullet , it's a plus

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This is a great

This is a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge and observation with my seniors.

Suggestion 1. In my opinion more and latest knowledge should spread through out the site.
Suggestion 2. Some effective and reliable initiatives should be taken for the smooth and direct coordination among the members
Suggestion 3. To increase the cooperation and coordination with the other scientific bodies which have same aims and objects of the world

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Dear I agree for your

I agree for your suggestions 1 and 2, It is very nice to have a section for papers. i think it should be flexible Album
I don't think that suggestion 3 is good.

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 Front page & subnetworks'

 Front page & subnetworks' news
Another thing that we have been discussing, is to include a module on the front page that collect information from the subnetworks.
But now that we have more and more of them, a dedicated page "from the networks" or something could work too.