Parking sun

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Parking Sun is the name of my abstract musical side project.

You can find more about it at

Here are my compositional idea scratch pads:

  • controllerism.
  • machine listening.
  • synestizer
  • Sundanese music
  • the Sunda-based hitek lotek project
  • javascript audio
  • javascript ui
  • art python
  • audio delays
  • making stuff generally
  • breakbeat cuts
  • feral mobile biomimicry (I want to do more of this!)
  • arpeggiate by number
  • musical metrics
  • my own idosyncratic tuning/resynthesis project using covariance, correl
  • time-frequency concatenative synthesis
  • general generative art
  • nice piano-style resonators, possibly with moog-style nonlinearity
  • Markovy”
    • a slightly non-obvious project that plays markov chains
    • specifically it plays multiple markov chains at once by overloading MIDI
    • ..which I use to do a hidden-variable version of Curtis-Roads-style granular synthesis. Long story.
    • need better midi mapping - round robin per-channel allocator to allow more than 2 params per note if laundering through MIDI
  • accumulate energy in various spectral bins and trigger things based on their levels
  • you can constrain a synth genome for evolution by only effecting downstream oscs. both f and a should be effected.
  • find some way of interpreting a call-and-response composition like Stockhausen’s Stimmung, but for laptops
  • tuvasynth - roaming resonant filters on vocal-like samples (formant filters?)
  • particle filters for synth param matching
  • Faust plugin to define Faust modules for numpy (already exists for octave)
  • remixer where grains scrub the buffer at different rates but each mutes itself according to its dissonance
  • pure server-side CFDG
  • pure server-side PSO flocking algorithm
  • pure server-side particle filter
  • angklung attack-oriented granular synth
  • marsenator that marsenates samples
  • notestream app, streaming chords in different patterns to different midi channels
  • polyrhythm as highlighting different cycles within a rhythm cascade
  • automatic synth-tracking eye-candy for grammarthing
  • microproducer effect synths
  • ND effects crossfade bus
  • regression of mapping from sound to synth parameters by hearing and comparing resynthesised version with delayed or recorded version, enveloped appropriately.
  • execute scsynth NRT from python (and vice versa?)
  • auto sub maximising bassline thing, octavising oscillators until they are all in the right bandwidth
  • futurising delay” - does JUST LESS than 4 bars

See original: The Living Thing / Notebooks Parking sun