Post Doctoral Fellow / PhD Scholar/ Research Associate

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Some PhD and Post Doctoral Positions are available at Material science research laboratory (MSRL), SV College of Post Graduate Research, Aligarh, India-202001
The major area of research are but not limited to:

Synthesis: Synthesis of pure and TM doped metal oxide (ZnO, SnO2, CeO2 etc.) nanoparticles using co-precipitation method.

Processing: Growth of polycrystalline as well as highly oriented metal oxide thin films on different substrates using Thermal evaporation and PLD techniques.

Properties study: Structural, optical, electrical, electronic structure and magnetic properties of samples.

Characterization techniques: XRD, TEM, UV Visible spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, photo luminance spectroscopy, near edge X-Ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (NEXAFS, DC magnetization measurement and atomic force microscopy etc.)

SHI Irradiation: effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on the morphology, Structural, transport, gas sensing and optical properties of nanostructured metal oxide thin films.

Application of Nano Materials: Application of nano materials towards designing optimized memory devices and nano sensors

You may send your resume to:

Dr. KD Verma
Postdoc Research, Ph.D., M. Phil., M. Tech., M.Sc., B.Sc.

Chairman & Head
Department of Physics
Founder Director
Material Science Research Laboratory (MSRL)
SV College of Post Graduate Research, Aligarh, India-202001

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