Sneaker nets and mesh nets

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A.K.A.`the Honda protocol <>`_.

A.K.A. the internet as if the entire world did not live in Silicon Valley.

Ideally I’d like to find robust ways of participaing in the internet
bidirectionally, in non-real-time.
This is a tricky problem in general, and specific, partial solutions abound.
Especially unidirectional solutions.
For example, you can get read-only versions of wikipedia for offline use
in your remote mountain village;
but there is no easy way to contribute your updates back to the version
on the main internet.

TODO: mention the indonesian IP piracy sneakernets’ approach to this.

Distributed version control can fix this sort problem;
but remote montain villages rarely have distributed version control experts.

Now, let’s look at some particular cases.

Offline wikipedia

AFAICT there is no way to contribute upstream.
But a reasonally simple and well-curated option is to use
the Kiwix offline wikipedia, which can give you
everything minus pictures, or
only “medical” articles, or
only “school” articles
and so on.

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