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Platform rearing of eri silkworm

Dr. M.C.Sarmah, CMER&TI, Lahdoigarh, Jorhat, Assam

Eri silkworm rearing is usually performed in trays made up of bamboo, sometimes through bunch feeding. Both the systems of rearing require more space, intensive labour and high cost involvement. The plinth area of 10 m x 5 m size rearing house having CI sheet roofing with false ceiling or thatch roofing with 1.5 m verandah all around is ideal for accommodating 100 dfls for commercial rearing and 50 dfls for cellular stock maintenance of eri silkworm rearing. To overcome this, an innovative new low cost device (3 tier platform made up of bamboo) is fabricated and found to be very cost effective and labour saving. Utilizing this device, rearing capacity can be increased to three fold in a unit area. It also improves all the cocoon characters over control
Details of the technique
This is new innovative rearing method of eri silkworm The model platform Rearing device for Eri silkworm rearing is consists of 3 nos. platforms each of 1m x 2m size and made up of bamboo strips with sieve size 1sqcm. Platforms are placed in 3 tier in bamboo rack of size L 2.2m x B 0.75m x H 1.60m. Two nos. of such racks can be placed in a room floor area 5.4 sq m. (1.2m x 4.5m). Maximum of 1200 eri silkworms at 5th instar can be reared in each platform to accommodate total 7200 silkworms by brushing 25- 30 dlfs of eri. To collect litters of silkworm gunny cloth is to be fitted below each tier. The technology is found to be advantageous to accommodate almost double quantity of silkworms per unit against the traditional round bamboo try (1m dia. with capacity of 300 nos. 5th instar worms) rearing system. According to quantum of rearing the device may be made in larger size also.

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