The WAYS Manifesto

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The World Association of Young Scientists, WAYS, is a network of individuals and associations that share the view that promoting, extending and sharing scientific method and knowledge will bring a brighter future to mankind.

WAYS should develop services and tools to help its members to:

  1. promote excellence and creativity in science;
  2. encourage interdisciplinary approaches;
  3. help scientists, and especially young scientists, in their career;
  4. improve international scientific co-operation;
  5. promote ethnic, cultural and gender equality and diversity amongst scientists;
  6. encourage global, ethical and social awareness among scientists;
  7. promote evidence-based decision-making on national and international levels;
  8. promote education in science;
  9. increase the understanding of science by the general public;
  10. facilitate the sharing of scientific knowledge to reduce the gap between developed and less developed countries;
  11. and any other goals that are consistent with the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge (Budapest, 99).

(You can help discuss how we meet these goals in our Initiatives Forums.)

WAYS shall not pursue any party-political, ideological, or religious activities, and is independent of all political parties or religious movements.

WAYS shall not encourage nor facilitate any activities that are in conflict with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

WAYS is open to any individual or association that agrees with the above.