Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Computers and Applications (MIC-CCA2012)

04/01/2012 11:16

Please consider submitting a paper or more to the Cloud, Grid and Internet Computing (CGIC) track of Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Computers and Applications (MIC-CCA2012), to be held in Istanbul, Turkey: 12-14 October 2012 ( The paper submission deadline is: Thursday, 16 August 2012. Here is the paper submission link:

You can view a detailed MIC-CCA2012 call for papers here:

CGIC welcomes (only full) paper submissions in the following topics, separated by semicolons (additional topic suggestions and/or topic modifications are welcome):

Cloud Computing; Grid Computing; Internet Computing; Network Intelligence; Parallel and High Performance Computing; Peer-to-Peer Computing; Web Computing; Web Metrics and Applications; e-Platforms

The International Conference, Workshop and Exhibition in Nanotechnology ICWEN Egypt 2011

10/07/2001 08:30
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The Scientific integrated solutions academy in cooperation with Nakaa Nanotechnology Network are organizing the international Conference, workshop and Exibition in Nanotechnology ICWEN July 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.

The conference will take place over 3 days, and will be divided into sections that allow focus on topics in Nanotechnology.

Call for Oral and Poster Session Abstracts

The Conference will consist of invited oral presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations selected from abstracts. We are now accepting applications for oral and poster presentations.

Authors will be notified of the selection results. Submissions for presentations should include an abstract of no more than 350 words

Written in Times new roman size 12

It must Include its:

Category name


Author name




and all written in bold 14 Times new roman.

Poster instructions:


Slides are up - on the wiki, that is

Later today, I will attend the Semantic Web Day in Leipzig and give a talk on Integrating wikis with scientific workflows. Perhaps appropriate to the topic, I did not prepare slides but a set of wiki pages.

Conference abstract accepted: What if science were sustainable?

Back in November, there was the abstract submission deadline for the 2010 Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), and I had submitted a contribution entitled "What if science were sustainable?", promising to keep track of all further developments under the "ISEE-2010-sustainable-science" tag.

So here we go, the notification of acceptance just came in, containing these details on the review procedure:

The international response to the call for papers was overwhelming. We received about 1300 abstracts from 1100 registered submitters in 89 countries, with a generally very high quality. All abstracts have been evaluated and graded independently and anonymously by at least two members of our international review committee consisting of 96 reviewers. Abstracts have been allotted to reviewers on a random basis within the respective thematic foci. We will list all names of our review panel on our website. Based on the grades that we received for each abstract from our reviewers, we calculated an average grade for every abstract, and then ranked all abstracts accordingly. In cases where the span between two review results was significant a third review was collected. Double submissions were rejected. Most reviewers added comments to their reviews that can be accessed through the ConfTool system at

Via that ConfTool, I could indeed find the reviewer's reports, which I copy-pasted below (with thanks to the reviewers), in the spirit of promoting public peer review practices (a screenshot with the nicer original layout is attached):

Science and Twitter

Links to follow: for schedule, or for live coverage, for post-hoc video coverage.
Timing: today, 12:10 noon New York .

Changed the title of the post to reflect that the event is over. Here is the video:

Young researchers conference

Young researchers of the Institute of Endemic Diseases conference was held in the Nile Colledge, Omdurman, Sudan, 17th - 18th Jan 2009. The organizers were: Sudanese National Academy of Sciences (SNAS), Institute of Endmic Diseases (IEND) and the Nile Colledge, and Sudanese Academy of Young Scientists (SAYS). About fifty papers in different research fields were presented.


Travel Grants for Young scientists for Xenopus Conference 2008 at Germany

Travel Grants for Young scientists for Xenopus Conference 2008 at Germany

Young scientists are cordially invited to participate at the Conference. Travel grants for young scientists (diploma/master and PhD students and postdocs) are made possible. They are intended to partially cover travel expenses (excluding hotel, meals and registration fee) to a maximum of 70% depending on request. To receive a grant, you must register for the symposium. Only one application per laboratory will be accepted.

Application Process

To apply for a grant, send an email to the committee member Doris Wedlich:
with the subject line "Xenopus Conference 2008 Travel Grant".

The body of the message (or a attached pdf-file) should include:

• Your name (Family name, first name)
• Male or female
• Your date of birth
• Your status (diploma student, master student, doctoral student, postdoc)
• Your work address
• Your advisor's name
• Whether you are a autor or co-author of a submitted abstract (please give the title and author list of the paper as well) and wether you will be presenting the paper
• A brief statement from your supervisor how you would benefit from attending the conference and why it is important for you receiving a travel grant. You must attach this letter of recommendation as a pdf-file.

Application deadline for travel grants is May 10th, 2008.

The awardees are selected by the organizing committee and will be notified of the grant within 6-8 weeks after the deadline date. If you have any questions regarding the travel grant, please contact Doris Wedlich doris.wedlich


Conference travel grant scheme for scientists from developing countries

Scientists from developing countries can seek support for conference attendance via the Nature Publishing Group Award scheme:

Scientists and Technologists conference

The African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI), has established the Conference of Vice-Chancellors, Deans of Science, Engineering and Technology (COVIDSET) as a forum for University leaders responsible for Science and Engineering Education to meet and dialogue on strategic issues in Science and Engineering Education. COVIDSET is a forum both for the exchange of ideas and experiences as well for the sensitization of University Leaders on trends in science and engineering education in the region and globally.

Date: 5 - 27 Sept. 2007
South Africa

International Symposium on Organic Chemistry

International Symposium on Organic Chemistry, Sofia 2006

Topic: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Keywords: Synthesis, Spectroscopy, Reaction mechanisms, Natural products, Catalysis

Date: 09-12 December 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe

Web Site

The symposium is intended to cover large variety of Organic Chemistry problems as synthesis, natural products, relations to biochemical, pharmaceutical and medical problems, coordination compounds, various spectral techniques, computational modeling and design, investigation of reactivity, reaction mechanism, catalysis, hi-tech applications, etc. The program will include invited lectures, and contributed oral or poster presentations from the participants.

Nordic Structural Chemistry Meeting for Young Scientists

19th Nordic Structural Chemistry Meeting

Topic: Material Sciences, Biochemistry

Date: 08-11 January 2007, Spåtind, Norway, Europe

Web Site:

The scientific program will cover all important aspects of crystallography from materials science to protein structure. Particularly young scientists are invited to attend and present their work in front of a small, interested and friendly audience.
The above Internet site will provide you with the necessary information about registration, traveling and lodging, the conference programme and more.

International Conference on Organic Process Research & Development

15th International Conference on Organic Process Research & Development

Topic: Organic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry,

Date: 08-10 January 2007, San Diego, USA, North America

Web Site:

This 3 day conference brings together chemists and engineers from all parts of the world to discuss issues related to synthetic route design, development and optimisation and the scale-up of these processes. The invited speakers have been selected to emphasise their company's approach to these issues with detailed case studies.

GLOBE 2008

GLOBE 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
March 12-14, 2008

Join 2,000 delegates from over 70 countries in Vancouver, Canada from March 12 th to March 14 th , 2008 to explore the issues that lie at the heart of sustainable development and environmental management. Conference delegates from around the world involved in the business of the environment will convene at GLOBE 2008 to discuss the most recent developments in corporate sustainability, energy and the environment, finance and sustainabilit, climate change and sustainable cities. The conference will feature leading environment and energy luminaries, ensuring timely environmental and sustainability issues receive the attention and expertise they clearly demand.

For more information visit the conference website: