Don’t use makeup when you can have Natural Eyebrows

Have you lost your eyebrows? Do you rely on eyebrow makeup completely? If yes, then you are surely living an uncomfortable life. It is indeed hard to wear makeup all day and everyday. Shaping your eyebrows each day before you leave your room is a hard task and no person likes to do it repeatedly. It is natural to feel fade up from this activity. You have to spend recurring money on your makeup. And worst of all, you are unable to achieve natural look.
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Are Transplanted Hair Grow Permanently?

The people who consider hair transplant as a treatment of baldness often have this question in mind. Whenever you see advertisement of hair transplant clinic in Dubai then it is clearly show in the ads that if a person plans this treatment then he is in a position to get rid of hair loss permanently. Now the question is whether transplanted hair grow permanently or not.
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Hair Transplant In Dubai for Pattern Baldness

A lot of people believe that if an individual has hereditary pattern baldness which can be treated in any way or form , none of the surgical procedure will ever work which is wrong. There are a lot of myths involved in advanced hair restoration method; one of the famous myth is if one individual is bald for a quite a long time he can have a full head of hair after a thorough procedure of hair transplant and grafting.

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Hair Transplant in Dubai for Pattern Baldness

A lot of people believe that if an individual has hereditary pattern baldness which can be treated in any way or form, none of the surgical procedure will ever work which is wrong. There are a lot of myths involved in advanced hair restoration method; one of the famous myths is if one individual is bald for a quite a long time he can have a full head of hair after a thorough procedure of hair transplant and grafting.

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Is Crown Hair Surgery Reliable?

When a person starts losing hair from crown section then he feels really down. He usually goes with some non-surgical methods such as hair wigs and extensions. He wants to get rid of old age person look that he usually get due to crown section hair loss. Hairpieces and hair extensions seem like a good option but problem with this kind of solutions is that it doesn’t offer natural look. You are unable to enjoy the benefit of this solution permanently.

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Is Transplant for Beard a Success?

If you want to know one word answer of this question then it is “yes.” You are in a position to get back lost hair of your beard with Facial Hair Transplant in Dubai. It is good to know that you are not the only people who have bald patches issue in beard. Many other people experience the same problem and some of them have got rid of it with the mean of a surgery. The success rate is quite high. Whether you have bald patches on your beard or simply no hair on beard, you are able to expect the best results from this kind of hair surgery.


Beside the Surgery, Is there any way to Stop Hair loss?

Many times when people hear about hair surgery then they don’t like to consider it at first. They want to know whether they are able to stop hair loss with some other reasons or not. Actually, people think too much about a hair surgery and usually compare it with organ surgeries. It is due to the fact they don’t have insufficient information regarding a hair surgery. So, what is essential for you to know more about both FUT and FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai?

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Is it important to take Minoxidil after a Hair Transplant?

Now you are done with a hair surgery and you have a prescription where a specialist advise you that you need to start taking Minoxidil, Propecia, etc. You might wonder whether it is important to take these medicines are not. If this is your concern, then you will get your answer here.

First thing, you need to understand is that these medicines are for your existing natural hair not for those hairs which you get after a Hair Transplant in Dubai. The basic purpose of such medication is to slow down hair loss.


3 Common Solutions for Hair Loss Problem

 Hair loss is indeed a big problem which needs immediate attention. When you are facing normal hair loss, it might bother you a lot. But when this loss is permanent, you get panic and search for the possible solutions. Here you can explore details of 3 common solutions for hair loss problem.

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Know Connection of Appearance and Psychology

 There is a close connection between appearance and psychology. If a person experiences some cosmetic deficits then such deficits leave bad impact on his psychological well-being. For example, if a boy completes head of hair due to androgenetic alopecia then this is going to be a big loss of his life. This loss affects his attitude toward society. He always thinks that other people will notice his baldness and leave negative comments. Sometimes, it happens while other times it doesn’t happen. But he doesn’t like to grow his social circle. The worst case is one when this loss makes him look older than his real age. Boys who lost hair in early 20 and 30 usually face serious kind of psychological problems. How to find a solution? 


Can I enjoy Hair Surgery Results for Lifetime?

 When a hair loss patients plan a hair surgery then he always want to know whether results will last long or not. It is a common question asked by every patient. People are going to bear good amount of Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, so it is okay to ask this question.
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First World Young Earth Scientists Congress 2009 in Beijing, China

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The Young Earth Scientists for Society (YES) network, an association of earth scientists under the age of 35 years representing geological societies from around the world, in collaboration with the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE), is organising a world congress for young earth scientists, policy makers, advisors and decision makers.

The conference will focus on global climate, environmental and geological challenges facing today’s society, and aims to establish an interdisciplinary global network of individuals committed to solving these challenges.

Young representatives from main geological associations and employers, young leaders in politics and those from administrative bodies are invited to attend and create an interdisciplinary global network that will include future policy makers, advisors and decision makers.

The event will consist of oral and poster presentations focused around the 10 main themes of the IYPE (International Year of the Planet Earth): groundwater, hazards, Earth & health, climate, resources, megacities, deep Earth, oceans, soils, and biodiversity.

There will also be two days of roundtable discussions that will involve discussions between young earth-scientists, professionals, young political leaders and policymakers pertaining to selected topics of social and scientific relevance, namely: natural resources & energy, Earth & health, water and geo-hazards, societal issues, and the sustainability of geoscience education. The meeting will conclude with discussions with senior earth scientists from all sectors of society.

Pre-meeting and post-meeting field trips will be conducted to places of cultural and geological interest in China. Additionally, there will be a business expo during the duration of the meeting that will offer unique networking opportunities for young earth scientists to meet representatives from research institutes and companies.

Abstracts are now being accepted for this meeting. The deadline for abstract submission is 30 March 2009.

For more information, please visit the Young Earth Scientists Congress 2009 website:


FACTS Reports is a unique forum that will publish manuscripts and opinion pieces related to field-based activities within various topic areas: economics, health, education, agriculture, urban planning and environmental issues. FACTS will focus on activities in developing countries and impoverished areas of developed countries. During its first stage, FACTS will develop journals devoted to economic development and health.

The goal of this journal is to collect and disseminate knowledge and best practices on field activities. Many professionals work in developing countries to address issues related to economics, health, agriculture, education, environment and development in general. Frequently, these activities do not have an evaluation component or when an evaluation does occur, no forum exists to communicate results to a broader audience. Consequently, knowledge is capitalized poorly resulting in the perpetuation of bad practices and lack of recognition and visibility for good practices. The aim of FACTS Reports is to fill this gap.
FACTS Reports will include peer review with a requirement that peers work in the field themselves. This process will ensure critical input from world experts, allow for cooperation and competition among authors, and promote a high level of science.

FACTS reports will provide a platform of communication and exchange among field-based professionals. It will improve communication, evaluation of methods, capitalisation of knowledge, and recognition of best practices. In a second stage, FACTS will promote other activities such as training courses, symposia, and educational awards.
Subject Coverage
Suitable topics for FACTS Reports related to economy, development and health include, but are not limited to:
• Development finance
• Education, employment policies
• Social policies
• Trade capacity building, actions related to globalization
• Rural development
• Evaluation methods
• Health care delivery
• Pharmaceutical pricing and drug distribution
• Public health delivery
• Access to health care
• Equity in health care distribution
• Novel health care and public health delivery technologies and methodologies
• Effective practice
• Health promotion
• Health education
• Health systems and health care supply
• Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in health projects

Specific Notes for Authors
Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers are refereed through a peer review process. A guide for authors and other
relevant information for submitting papers are available on the Guidelines for authors

Editors and Notes
Contributions should be sent in MS Word format attached to an e-mail (details in Author Guidelines) to the following:
Nadia CAÏD
Development Director
Institut Veolia Environment
15, rue des Sablons
75116 Paris
Tel: +33 1 53 43 22 70
With a copy to: FACTS Editorial Office

E-learning courses in Health

Are you a health professional interested in Global Health. Here is a series of short, up - to - date courses on Global Health at the USAID Global Health eLearning Center. The courses are free, Internet-based and permits flexibility for busy professionals. YOU CAN PRINT A CERTIFICATE OF COURSE COMPLETION FOR THE VARIOUS COURSES TAKEN. If you are interested go to the usaid E-learning centre and register to participate.