The International Conference, Workshop and Exhibition in Nanotechnology ICWEN Egypt 2011

10/07/2001 08:30
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The Scientific integrated solutions academy in cooperation with Nakaa Nanotechnology Network are organizing the international Conference, workshop and Exibition in Nanotechnology ICWEN July 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.

The conference will take place over 3 days, and will be divided into sections that allow focus on topics in Nanotechnology.

Call for Oral and Poster Session Abstracts

The Conference will consist of invited oral presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations selected from abstracts. We are now accepting applications for oral and poster presentations.

Authors will be notified of the selection results. Submissions for presentations should include an abstract of no more than 350 words

Written in Times new roman size 12

It must Include its:

Category name


Author name




and all written in bold 14 Times new roman.

Poster instructions:


Social networks for scientists - what works, and what doesn't? A workshop proposal

UNESCO has been central to the establishment, in 2004, of the World Association of Young Scientists (WAYS) that hosts this blog. Yet their ideas and those of us scientists (used here in the broader sense that includes all academic fields) as to how the network should be structured and operated were not always aligned. On the other hand, the common goals led to a number of common activities, most notably a series of sessions at the biannual World Science Forum.

In a meeting last week, the topic of social networks was discussed anew, and we noticed that our perspectives had come closer recently. For instance, they showed an avid interest in what science would look like if it were invented today and how to foster open approaches to science. These issues can hardly be discussed without reference to online platforms for scientists and their design features: What factors affect their use by scientists, what is working and what is not, and how does all this depend on the research focus of an individual, on their computer literacy, or on funding practices of the country in which they are based?

workshop on Ethical Hacking

16/03/2010 10:00
20/03/2010 16:00

Rajiv Gandhi institute of technology,Kottayam,Kerala,India will organize a national level workshop on ethical hacking from march 16-20,2010 as a part of National level Techno-Cultural fest.

ESOF 2010 Proposal on Science 2.0

Next Euroscience Open Forum will take place on 2 to 7 of July, 2010 in Torino, Italy. I think it is the ideal forum to talk also about new science communciation tools.

That why I am proposing here a session on young researchers and Science 2.0. for the Career Programme of ESOF 2010.

We still need include names of interested experts to join the discussions with Second Life, Friendfeed or similar services in the proposal. The deadline for proposals for ESOF is September, 30.

The exact time within the frame of 2-7. July 2010 will be fixed later, taking into account the availabilities of the participants. It will be an one hour session. So is anybody interested to join the discussions?

CFA- Summer Training "Basics of Participatory Video", Kyrgyzstan, 2-8 June 2008

seen on Central-Eurasia-L:

Taalim-Forum Public Foundation is organizing Training for Trainers

a workshop on Using Open Access Models for Science Dissemination

Dear all members,
The ICTP ( organise a workshop on Using Open Access Models for Science Dissemination during 7-16 july 2008.
It is an extension of the workshop on CAPACITY BUILDING OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS (Track 2- Dr Garrett) organised last 1-3 march 2008 by the WAYS.
Application form can be download at