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Life Sciences: Agric. Sciences
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Entomological sciences: biology, ecology, behaviour, biological control, morphology.

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Aziza .M.Sharaby and Asma.Abd-Allah. Nujiban(2009) Utilization of some commercial Terpenes against the cut worm Agrotis ipsuilon (Hufnagel.) 10th Arab Congress of plant protection,26-30 October,2009,Beirut,Lebanon,(C17) PI-98.

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Aziza Sharaby., Sayed A. Montasser., Youssef A. Mahmoud., Sobhi A .Ibrahim. (2012).
Natural Plant Essential Oila for Controlling the Grasshopper (Heteracris littoralis) and their Pathological Effects on the Alimentary Canal. Ecologia Balkanica Gournal, Vol 4( 1): 39-52.
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Changes in larval endocrine glands. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science( IOSR-JAVS), 5(3): 67-74.

Aziza Sharaby., Hashim Abdel-Rhman., Shadia Abdel-Aziz , Sawsan.S. Moawad.(2014). Susceptibility of Different Potato Varieties to Infestation by Potato Tuber Moth and Role of the Plant Powders on their Protection . IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (IOSR-JAVS) ., vol 7 (4): 71- 80.

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Aziza Sharaby , Hashim. Abdel Rahman, Shadia.S. Abdel-Aziz, Sawsan. S. Moawad (2014). Natural Plant Oils and Terpenes as Protector for the Potato Tubers Against Phthorimaea operculella Infestation by Different Application Methods.Egyptian Journal of Piological Pest Control, 24(1), 265-274.

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Efficiency of Zinc sulfate and some volatile oils on some insect pests of the tomato crop. Global Advanced Research Journal of Agricultural Science., 4(4) :. 182-187.

Aziza Sharaby and Asma EL-Nujiban. 2015. Biological Activity of Essential oil of Sage Plan leaves Salvia offecinalis L. Against the Black Cutworm Agrotis ipsilon (Hubn.).International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 4(5):737-741. WWW.ijsr,net.
69- Aziza Sharaby, HashimAbdel-Rahman, Sawsan Sabry Moawad. 2015.Intercropping System for Protection the Potato Plant from Insect Infestation ., Ecologia Balkanica.,7(1): 87-92.

Prizes / Awards

1- State Promotion Prize. Egypt. Academy of Scientific Rearch and Technology,(BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
2- Order of Distinction, First Class,1995 ,Egypt.

3- State Promotion Prize,Egypt,Academy of Scientific Research &technology.(AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES 1995).
4-Won patent from King Abdel-Aziz City for Science and Technology(2008) for designating an (Air flow Olfactometer for the Red Palm Weevil.)
4- -Obtain the Bronze Award from King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology for the best Theses for (2010 )K.S.A, Riyadh .
5- Appreciation Scientific award in agricultyral sciences (2015) forn the National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

Research Tags
bio-insecticides, biorachonal insecticides, field of research, mode of action of essential oils and plant extracts, combined effect of different bio-agents.

Professor of Entomology , Pests& Plant Protection Department,Agricultural & Biological research division,NRC, Cairo, Egypt.

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