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Life Sciences: Medicine
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

1. Rathore MFA, Rashid P, Butt AW, Malik AA, Gill ZA, Haig AJ. “Epidemiology of spinal cord injuries in the 2005 Pakistan earthquake”. Spinal Cord 2007; 45: 658–663
2. Rathore FA, Farooq F, Muzammil S, New PW, Ahmad N, Haig AJ. “Spinal cord injury management and rehabilitation: highlights and shortcomings from the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan”. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2008; 89:579-85.
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5. Rathore MF, Farooq F, Butt AW, Gill ZA. (Letter to editor)”An update on Spinal cord injury patients of Oct 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. Spinal Cord”2008; 46:461–462
6. Rathore MF,, Hanif S, Rashid P, Butt AW, New P, S-U Khan. “The incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis in a cohort of patients with Spinal Cord Injury following the Pakistan earthquake of October 2005” Spinal Cord. 2008; 46:523–526
7. Rathore FA, New PW, Waheed A. Pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury: at an unusual site with an unusual etiology. American J Phys Med Rehabil. 2009;88:587–590
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9. Muzammil S, Rao SE, Rathore FA, Malik NI, Hobbs NJ, Aslam N. “A Technique for Suture Introduction in Multi-Strand Flexor Tendon Repairs”. Techniques in Orthopedics 2009 ;24: 317-318
10. Yasmeen R, Rathore FA, Butt AW, Ashraf K. How do chronic spinal injury patients in Pakistan manage their bowels? A cross sectional survey of 50 patients. Spinal Cord 2010. ( Online ahead of print)

11. Malik T, Yasmin R, Rathore FA, Rashid P, Niazi HK, Tariq S. Types and “Frequency of Medical Complications during Stroke Rehabilitation at Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine”. Annals of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences 2007;3: 152-55
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14. Hanif S, Malik T, Yasmin R, Rathore FA, Hassan M et al. Urodynamic Evaluation.. Professional Med J Sep 2008; 15(3): 361-366
15. Rathore FA, Malik T, Waheed A. Pitfalls in stroke rehabilitation – A Pakistani perspective. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal March 2009;2: 56-61
16. Rathore FA. Backache: Overview of an important problem. Hilal 2010;46:24-25.

Papers under Review
1. Gill ZA, Rathore FA, Iftikhar A. Posterior Interroseous neuropathy during appendectomy: a case report. ( Submitted to Pakistan Journal of medical research)
2. Rathore FA, New PW, Iftikhar A. An overview of disability and Rehabilitation Medicine in Pakistan. ( Submitted to Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,USA)
3. Rathore FA, Gill ZA. Pneumorrhachis of the thoracic spine following gunshot wound: First case report from Pakistan. ( Submitted to Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, USA)

Book Chapter
1. Rathore FA, Farooq F. Tips on effective Biomedical Literature search. In Kasi PM. RESEARCH: What, Why and How? A Treatise from Researchers to Researchers. AuthorHouseTM, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA 2009, ISBN: 978-1-4389-9171-9 (e)

Encyclopedia Chapter
1. Rathore F. Spinal Cord Injuries in the Developing World. In: JH Stone, M Blouin, editors. International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation. 2010.. Available online: http://cirrie.buffalo.edu/encyclopedia/article.php?id=141&language=en

Prizes / Awards

1. Academic Scholarships 1990-1995, Islamabad College for Boys,G/6-3, Islamabad
2. Sub editor English section “AMCOL”. Official magazine of Army Medical College. 1998-2000
3. Certificate of Honors in Biochemistry ---- 1st professional MBBS (1997)
4. Certificate of Honors in Pharmacology ---- 2nd professional MBBS (1998)
5. Certificate of merit for standing 1st in subject of Rehabilitation medicine, Grading diploma course 2005-07, held at Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute, Rawalpindi
6. Ibn-e – Sina Silver medal in recognition of outstanding original research work presented at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences , Islamabad annual symposium 2007
7. Co –Chairman of scientific session at 5th Annual conference and Scientific Symposium. Bangladesh Association of PM&R 2008. 15th Nov 2008. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
8. Invited speaker at the 5th Annual conference and Scientific Symposium. Bangladesh Association of PM&R 2008. 15th Nov 2008. Dhaka, Bangladesh
9. Four Posters at 26th Annual Winter meeting of AAPNA awarded Honorarium of Rs 8,000 each ( Total Rs 32, 000)
10. Key Note Speaker at First conference on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Rural and Developing Regions, at Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.9-12 June 2009
11. Recipient of $ 1500 travel grant from Emerging Nations Science Foundation , Italy to present 03 poster and 01 oral presentation at the 5th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) Istanbul, Turkey, 13-17 June, 2009
12. Recipient of ISPRM 2009 Young Investigator award (Consisting of a Plaque and 500 Euro). This award was chosen among 190 oral presentations made at the 5th World Congress of International Society of physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey. 13-17 June, 2009.
13. Actively involved in scientific research for >5 years and have 32 publications and paper presentations in national and international medical journals. These are the largest number of publications/ presentations from any doctor working in Rehabilitation medicine in Pakistan
14. Only doctor based in South East Asia (including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Srilanka) to publish 11 manuscripts on different aspects of Spinal cord injury in indexed medical journals

Research Tags
Rehabilitation Medicine, disability, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Amputee, cerebral Palsy, Rheumatology, Rheumatoid arthritis

I was born in 1977 in Islamabad, Pakistan. I graduated from Army Medical College, Rawalpindi in 2001 with honors in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. After my residency at the Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, I qualified diploma in Medical Rehab in 2007 and fellow ship in Rehab Medicine in 2009. I have the largest number of presentations and publications among the Rehab physicians in Pakistan. I have been invited abroad to deliver papers at medical conferences. My main areas of interest and research are amputee rehab, spinal cord injury rehab, stroke rehab, and rehab services in post disaster phase. I am the pioneer member of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and World Federation of Rehabilitation from Pakistan. At present I am also the Country coordinator of Transverse Myelitis Association (USA) and International Rehabilitation forum (USA) for Pakistan.

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