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Life Sciences: Molecular Biology

Gerjon Ikink is a Life Scientist with a strong international and multidisciplinary mindset and an eager drive to improve the real impact of science (in science, society, economy, and global development). Therefore, he is very interested in science policy and science diplomacy, while also focusing on integrity, collaboration and efficiency in science.

Gerjon Ikink obtained his MSc-degree cum laude (with distinction) in Biology at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. During his studies, he majored in Molecular and Cell Biology and additionally studied Intercultural Communication and Consultancy. He performed his MSc-thesis research at the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences in Tsukuba, Japan, and was involved as expert in an academic consultancy project with a pharmaceutical company. He continued his scientific career with a PhD in Molecular Genetics at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he also acted as a representative in the PhD Council.

Besides research, Gerjon Ikink worked in the Executive Board of AIESEC, the largest international student organization, and later served many years in the Board of Advisors of AIESEC. Before starting his PhD-studies, he worked as Interim Director in the National Managerial Board of the medical NGO EMSA in Cairo, Egypt. Presently, he is an active member in the Young Health Council of the Netherlands (JongGR) and additionally in the EURAXESS Voice of the Researchers network, involved in defining research policy and shaping the European Research Area. He also writes a blog (in Dutch) on science and its place in society, politics/policy and the economy.

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Science for Global Development, Science Policy, Science Diplomacy, Scientific Integrity, Science 2.0, Open Access, Academic Infrastructure, Collaborative Research, Data Sharing, Science for Science, Science for Society, Science for Economy

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