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Research Associate
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Ph. D.
Social & Behav. Sci.: Other
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Bioethics, Primary Care, Interdisciplinary Research

Up-Coming Articles :

Lalonde, L., Bareil, C., Goudreau, J., Hudon, E., Lussier, M.-T., Duhamel, F., and Lévesque, L., Participatory Program Development to Improve Cardiovascular Prevention in Primary Care (submitted to Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcome)

Peer-reviewed articles :

Lalonde, L., Goudreau, J., Hudon, E., Lussier, M.T., Duhamel, F., Bélanger, D., Lévesque, L., Martin, E., Priorities for action to improve cardiovascular preventive care of patients with multimorbid conditions in primary care--a participatory action research project. (2012) Family Practice, E-pub February 29, 2012

Knoppers, B.M., Leroux, T., Doucet, H., Godard, B., Laberge, C., Stanton-Jean, M., Fortin, S., Cousineau, J., Monardes, C., Girard, N., Lévesque, L., Durand, C., Farmer, Y., Dion-Labrie, M., Bouthillier, M.E., Avard, D., Framing genomics, public health research and policy: points to consider (2010) Public Health Genomics 13(4): 224-234

Lévesque, L., Ozdemir, V., and Godard, B., Socio-ethical Analysis of Equity in Access to Nutrigenomics Interventions for Obesity Prevention: A Focus Group Study (2008) OMICS, December 11

Lévesque, L., Gremmen, B., Ozdemir, V., and Godard, B., Integrating Anticipated Nutrigenomics Bioscience Applications with Ethical Aspects (2008) OMICS, Feb 11

Galarneau, L., J. F. Pare, D. Allard, D. Hamel, L. Levesque, J. D. Tugwood, S. Green, and L.
Belanger. 1996. The alpha 1-fetoprotein locus is activated by a nuclear receptor of the Drosophila FTZ-F1 family. Mol Cell Biol 16:3853-65

Non-refereed Articles :

Lévesque, L., Recréation : à quoi jouent les biologistes synthétiques? (2012) Horizon Sociologique (

Lévesque, L., Les progrès des biotechnosciences et le questionnement éthique - Un essai (2012) Horizon Sociologique (On line :

Godard, Béatrice, et Lise Lévesque, La performance scientifique et l’intégrité en recherche (2007)

Lise Levesque, Methodes de recherche et outils de collaboration en nutrigenomique : implications pour l'ethique de la recherche, Rapport, Boursiers IIREB, (2006) on-line at (in French)

Prizes / Awards

Dean's list, Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montréal, 2008

BioVision: The World Life Sciences Forum, BioVision.Nxt 2007 Fellowship (Class of 2007)

Research fellowship Institut International de Recherche en Ethique Biomedicale (IIREB), 2006

Bioethics fellowship Programmes de bioethique, Universite de Montreal, 2006

J.A. DeSeve Funds Faculte des Etudes superieures, Universite de Montreal, 2005

Post-doctoral fellowship Montreal Children Hospital, 2002-2004

Ph. D. fellowship Fonds pour la Formation de Chercheur et d'Aide a  la Recherche (FCAR) 1998-2001

M. Sc. fellowship Fonds pour la Formation de Chercheur et d'Aide a la Recherche (FCAR), 1997-1998

Canada Scholarship Government of Canada, 1993-1996

Research Tags
bioethics, research ethics, qualitative research, participatory research, knowledge translation, science communication

I have begun in research in the field of molecular biology. However, I found this field disapointing, in part because it is hardly possible to seriously address or even simply reflect on the numerous social implication that are found in science. I have oriented my career towards bioethics where I learnt other methods, i.e. qualitative methods and philosophical inquiry. Since then I have been working in various research projects in bioethics, population genomics, and primary care. I also have taught bioethics to biologists. I am member of a research ethics committee evaluating social science researches at University of Montreal.

I am looking for opportunities to investigate and teach bioethics and to develop tools for teaching on ethical issues relevant to biological sciences and biomedical sciences.

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