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Research Tags
• Microbial fermentation, • Enzymology (Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Xylanase), • Single cell protein/biomass production, • Bioethanol production of Plant biomasses, • Pretreatment of Plant Biomasses, • Saccharification of Biomasses, • Quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping in maize, • Detection of Bt gene in maize, • Seed purity and cultivar identification, • Genetic diversity analysis by SSR and RAPD markers

Dr. Muhammad Irfan is working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab new campus Lahore Pakistan. He received his doctorate degree from Shenyang Agricultural University P.R. China. His research expertise focus on microbial enzymes from fermentation, lignocellulose biotechnology, single cell protein production and genomics (molecular markers in genetic diversity analysis, QTL mapping in plants). He is also a researcher at Food & Biotechnology Research Center, PCSIR laboratories complex, ferozpure road Lahore Pakistan. He is an editorial/advisory board member of various international repute journals. He has published many research articles in national and international repute journals.

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