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Life Sciences: Genetics

PUBLICATIONS (h-index: 4)
Peer- reviewed Journals:
1. Srinivasan Sakthivel, Troels Askhøj Andersen, Caroline Babg Løppke, Sabrina Gade Ellesøe, Jose M. G. Izarzugaza, Natasja Spring Ehlers, Maren Mönnich, Suzanne van Geloven, Muhammad Farooq, Søren Tvorup Christensen, Søren Brunak, Lars Allan Larsen. Whole exome sequencing identifies a novel candidate gene for congenital heart disease. (In preparation)
2. Srinivasan Sakthivel, Rahul Kathariya, Inusha Panigrahi, Asif Javed, Pauline Crystal Ng. Whole Exome Sequencing of unrelated affected families identifies genetic cause of Mohr Syndrome. (In preparation)
3. Kaspersen JD, Pedersen JN, Hansted JG, Nielsen SB, Sakthivel S, Oliveira CLP, Wilhelm K, Permyakov EA, Permyakov SE, Knyazeva EL, Roche LM, Otzen DE, Pedersen JS. Generic Structures of Cytotoxic liprotides: Nano-sized Complexes with an Oleic Acid Core and Shell of Disordered Proteins. Chem Biochem 2014, 15(18):2693-702. DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201402407 (IF-3. 060)
4. Sakthivel S, Zatkova A, Nemethova M, Surovy M, Kadasi L, Saravanan MP. Mutation Screening of the HGD Gene Identifies a Novel Alkaptonuria Mutation with Significant Founder Effect and High Prevalence. Annals of Human Genetics 2014, 78(3): 155-64 doi: 10.1111/ahg.12055 (IF-2.215)
5. Srinivasan S, Selvan ST, Archunan G, Gulyas B, Padmanabhan P. MicroRNAs – the next generation therapeutic targets in Human Diseases. Theranostics 2013; 3(12): 927-929. doi: 10.7150/thno.7026 (IF-7.806)
6. Otzen D, Pedersen J, Hansted JG, Nielsen SB, Sakthivel S, Kaspersen JD, Pedersen JS. Liprotides: complexes between fatty acids and (partially denatured) proteins. European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters 2013, (42) 145. 233 Spring St, New York NY 10013, USA. (IF-2.219)
7. Srinivasan Sakthivel. ATPase as a potential drug target for cancer, tumor growth and cellular functions. Int J Hum Gen 2012, 12(3): 151-156. (IF-0.37)
8. Srinivasan Sakthivel. Techniques to Prevent Cryopreservation damages in Agriculture. Int. J. Universal Pharmacy and Life Science 2011, 41-47; ISSN: 2249-6793.
9. Srinivasan Sakthivel. Hypoglycemic Effect of Cinnamomum zeylanicum with proteinaceous diet – A Milestone in Diabetic Research. Lambert Academic Publishing 2013, Germany. ISBN: 978-3-659-36368-9.
10. Srinivasan S. Bioremediation of Azo-dyes using Microbial Consortium, Book of Advances in Environmental Research: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Excel India Publishers 2011, New Delhi. ISBN: 978-93-81361-27-6.
11. Srinivasan Sakthivel and Kumar KP. Indian Patent filed for the Provisional Invention titled, “SCALPTOP - The Seventh Inspiration” in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), India. (Patent no: 4/CHE/2011).
Conference Proceedings: (*Upcoming)
12. Srinivasan Sakthivel, Andersen TA, Løppke CB, Ellesøe SG, Izarzugaza JMG, Ehlers NS, Mönnich M, Geloven SV, Farooq M, Christensen ST, Brunak S, Larsen LA. Whole exome sequencing identifies a novel candidate gene for congenital heart disease. *Presented at European Society of Cardiology 2016 - Newcastle Cardiovascular Development Meeting (15-17 Nov 2016), Newcastle, UK.
13. Srinivasan Sakthivel, Larsen LA. Whole exome sequencing suggests a novel candidate gene for congenital heart disease. Poster presented at Keystone Symposia Conference 2016 - Cardiac Development, Regeneration and Repair (3-7 Apr 2016), Snowbird, Utah, USA.
14. Srinivasan Sakthivel, Andersen TA, Ellesøe SG, Izarzugaza JMG, Ehlers NS, Mönnich M, Geloven SV, Farooq M, Christensen ST, Brunak S, Larsen LA. Whole exome sequencing suggests a novel candidate gene for congenital heart disease. Oral presented at European Society of Cardiology 2015 - Amsterdam Cardiovascular Development Meeting (5-6 Nov 2015), Amsterdam, Netherlands.
15. Srinivasan Sakthivel, Larsen LA. Identification of disease genes and loci in congenital heart disease using genomic copy number variants. Oral presented at Cellular and Genetic Medicine Annual Meeting 2015 (20-21 Apr 2015), Sonerupgaard, Denmark.
16. Sakthivel S. Mouse Genetics – A gesture for human disorder research. Oral presented at University of Oxford – Mouse Embryology and Genetics Meeting (10-12 Mar 2013), National Centre for Biological Sciences, India.
17. Sakthivel S. Techniques to prevent cryopreservation damages. Oral presented at International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine – Nottingham Trent University (30 sep-2 Oct 2011), National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India.
18. Sakthivel S. Analysis of microbiological qualities of street vended foods. Oral presented at International Food Technology Conference-Ministry of FPI, Govt of India (30-31 Oct 2010), IICPT, India.
19. Sakthivel S. Applications of biotechnology in environmental waste management. Oral presented at Indian Society of Comparative Animal Physiology 2010 - International Conference on Environmental pollution, Water conservation and Health (29-30 Jul 2010), Bangalore University, India.
20. Sakthivel S and Yogeshwaran S. Isolation and characterization of ‘Bacteriocin’ producing lactic acid bacteria from milk and fermented food. Oral presented at IICPT-Biotech, Food and Bioengineering International Conference – (25-26 Feb 2010) Thanjavur, India.

Research Tags
Human Genetics, Medical Genetics, Functional Genomics, CRISPR/Cas9, Gene Editing, Heart Disease, Congenital heart malformations and defects, Next Generation Sequencing, Rare genetic disorders, Gene therapeutics.

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