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Welcome to the WaysWiki Sandbox.
Bienvenue dans le Bac à sable.

This page is a starting point for all WAYS regional unit, databases and projects, both planned and currently underway.
The WAYSWIKI menu page is locked down for re-structuring. If you have content to add, please add it into one of the other pages for the moment, and let me know (steven(at) if you need to have it on the front page.

==Introduction to WAYS wiki==

If you never heard about wiki before, here is a [ tutorial].

A nice introduction about wiki usage is available at:

Pour les premiers pas, [ un tutoriel] est disponible en francais sur le site de wikipedia france. Voir aussi [édia:Bac_à _sable le bac à sable] et [ l'aide à la syntaxe].

===[[ Test Page ]]===

On this page you can edit, look at the syntax, and make sure you're wiki-compliant before creating or adding your content to other pages.


===[[WaysWebsite ]]===
====[[Feedback and Updates]]====

===[[WAYS FAQ]]===

===[[ WaysWSFReport2005 ]]===

The report on WAYS activities at the 2005 World Science presents WAYS current organization, projects to be developed and problems to be addressed.

===[[ Structure and Constitution Revision]]===

The preparation and discussion area for the WAYS constitution review due for the next General Assembly.


===[[Invitation letters ]]===

===[[WLP| (wlp)° -- the world lecture project ]]===

Pages related to the World Lecture Project


====[[WAYS - YPARD - wlp relations]]====


===[[Proposed projects]]===

===[[Global Text Project]]===

===[[ Arab WAYS ]]===
===[[ WAYS-AFRICA ]]===
===[[ ASIA WAYS ]]===
===[[ Europe and North America]]===

===[[ France ]]===

====[[ Paris Montagne ]]====

====[[Organisation du festival par pôles]]====


please insert data of potential sponsors, press and science contacts and other data collections here.

===[[Online Organisational Tools]]===
===[[General tools and resources]]===
===[[Free online journals]]===
===[[Online thesis]]===
===[[Tutorials on scientific writing]]===
===[[Science Career]]===
===[[Searching for Funds]]===
====[[ List of funding bodies ]]====
====[[ Science Policy ]]====
===[[ WaysFriends ]]===