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The new WAYS website will be a collaborative community site with group blogging capability, organic groups, hierarchical and user-defined taxonomies and folksonomies traversing regions and research areas.

Some key points:

Job section

CVs and job offered should be maintained separately from user profiles / registration. We don't want users to feel "forced" to use the job functionality, but we want to keep a cohesive link between profile / job offer / CVs / organizations for those who do use it.

Matchmaking service
Need to clean up / explain who to search for other users. make better search and browse links.

The plateform may provide the possibility to create ad hoc mailing list:
example: via the match making I found a couple of fellows with who I would like to start a project.
Can I invite them to discuss on a specific mailing list or should we exchange via blogging?

==Member roles==

===Anonymous (guest)===
Can read, browse and search all data on the site except for member profiles.
Cannot subscribe to mailing list, nor post comments nor edit wikis.

===Authenticated (New WAYS subscriber - not verified yet)===
Can read, browse and search all data on the site except for member profiles.
Can subscribe to mailing list, post comments and edit wikis.

Same rights as anonymous, but may post blog entries and events, and comment, both within her regional unit and globally. Can maintain own blog. Can use the job function, as well as the user directory. May contact other members.

===Fully-Authenticated (perhaps referred by other Fully-Authenticated member, met in person, etc)===
Same as authenticated members, but may also moderate special groups, create "taskforces", create organic wiki section.

===Executive Members===
This category groups official national delegates, members of WAYS organs (audit, steering, board....) and project managers recognized/appointed/supported by WAYS (global and regional units)

===Regional Editors===
Maintain regional handbooks, userlist an so on. We need to define a procedure to identify them.

===Global Editors===
Can post global WAYS news, moderate posts, ban / unban users, edit critical / static content (about us page, etc)

Full access to site tools, management and moderation.

==Integrated mailing lists.==
Need to figure out how to implement this /w archives, given the limitations of the way GLIA / idotz are handling the DNS redirect. Without DNS / mail control, full-fledged mailing list capability will be shaky at best.

==Self Registration.==

==help and FAQ==

[[How to use this website?]]


==WAYS website front page==

WAYS as a network and a general umbrella, provides optimal conditions to support grass-root initiatives. Through virtual networking, database sharing, information dissemination or collaborative tools, WAYS help its members to develop their projects locally and to attain a global reach. WAYS is also instrumental in the horizontal transfer of know how from regions to regions, so that other WAYS members can take up a successful project ideas and implement in their localities in modified form that fits their particular needs.

Our goals are:
* To empower the potential of young scientists and promote scientific excellence worldwide
* To enhance awareness of global and society-relevant issues amongst young scientists
* To increase the societal impact and utility of scientific knowledge
* To facilitate the participation of young scientists in decision making and action for science and society.

==[[WAYSers Comments]]==